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Spring Owl Deco Mesh Wreath

Spring Owl Deco Mesh WreathSupplies

  • Deco Mesh (8-10 yards)
  • Work Wreath Base
  • Wire
  • Metal Owl
  • Metal Flower Stakes


  1. To start: gather the end of the deco mesh together in your hand, and starting on the inside ring of the work wreath twist two pieces of pine around the end to secure it. If you are using two colors, use both at the same time.
  2. To make the poufs: measure out about 12 inches of deco mesh by gathering it together. Pinch the mesh together in your hand at the 12 inch mark, then squish it so it poufs. Where you have it pinched, twist the next pieces of pine around the mesh to secure it. Fan out the loops as you go around to create a pouf. If your poufs are too big or too small, adjust them as needed. If you are using two colors separate the colors and fan them.
  3. Continue around the wreath in the same pattern until both rings are filled and all the pieces of pine have been used. Cut off any leftover mesh.
  4. Wire on the owl, flowers, metal flower heads (pull the flower heads off the stakes).